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In one hour, purge years of past to free yourself to create a new now

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Art by Almir Gusić (@almirgusic)

Your Guide


Your Guide


Celina Santana

Founder, Your Dreamery

     Celina founded Your Dreamery to embolden people to try new experiences and consider new perspectives because that’s what it takes to discover our innate power to create new realities.

      She also doesn't own a bed, is obsessed with watching birds’ nesting cycle via the spy cam she's installed on her balcony, and is prone to selling everything she owns to backpack about the world.

     As a certified “Innate Evolution” facilitator, Celina leads empowerment seminars in a variety of settings, including online, retreats, nonprofit organizations, city jails, corporations, and clubs. 

     Celina was driven to start Your Dreamery by people saying her courage to take risks inspired them. She believes that by taking simple, consistent actions driven by mindful insights, you too can bridge the gap between your dreams and reality.


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