Nov 13, 2020, 1:00 PM EST
November 13-15, 2020



Featuring renown facilitators Rudi and Jules Kennard of Innate Evolution and recent graduates of their certification program!



Rudi Kennard

Co-Founder Co-Director, Innate Evolution

     In 1992 I experienced a profound and spontaneous shift that changed my life. I searched for a way to articulate this to others, and after a decade of studying many philosophies, techniques and approaches, I came across the profoundly simple understanding that I teach now, and have been sharing it since 2004. 

     During this time I have had the honor of training with 3 Principles originator, Sydney Banks and pioneer Dr. Roger Mills. I have been privileged to train diverse populations such as: Corporate executives, prison inmates, homeless people, school children, addicts, health professionals, earthquake survivors, hospital staff, school teachers, coaches, pre-school children and university students. 

     I have worked with government-based organizations such as the National Health Service (NHS), charities such as ‘Mind’, and multi national corporations such as Image Source. I have enjoyed presenting at international conferences in over a dozen countries. Since 2012, I have trained others to facilitate this understanding. Recently, I finished writing my first book and am working towards creating a broadcast quality documentary about the nature of human experience.


Dawn Robinson

     Dawn Robinson is a writer, coach for midlife women and a workshop facilitator. After over a decade and a half working in organisations in HR and management training, she retrained as an Alexander Technique teacher to help people deal with stress and use their body with more ease.     

     When her own midlife crisis hit in her early fifties, she was fortunate enough to come across the understanding we are sharing during this weekend and found it so transformative that she now coaches other women who are feeling stuck or unsure. Dawn firmly believes that this time of our life can be the most exciting and adventurous of our lives and she has recently published her first book Ditch Your Midlife Stress From the Inside Out. 

Marte Skappel

     Marte is a transformative coach, career counselor and yoga instructor, that for 15 years of professional service has guided others to realize their innate human potential and flourish. Marte has worked in hospitals, HSE organizations, and universities helping people to expand their awareness and find the courage to follow their dreams and inner wisdom. 
     Her passion for uncovering the radiant aliveness within each of us led her to found Living Fully. Living Fully supports women in rediscovering their joy, exploring what’s possible, and creating a life they love living! 

     Marte’s clients say it is her indomitable spirit and ability to ignite a spark in others that make her coaching inspiring and effective. She invites each of us to embrace our whole power and authentic expression to experience alignment, joyful creation, and ease.



Jules Kennard

Co-Founder Co-Director, Innate Evolution

     In 2014 I experienced a profound shift in my perception of life. This was largely instigated by losing my gorgeous little boy in a custody battle. What should have been a dark night of the soul, turned into the biggest realization of my life! Out of the blue I deeply recognized that we feel what we think, and there is a fathomless power behind life that myself and everyone else is connected to.

     Then within a year my beautiful teenage daughter, Sofia, passed away in a tragic accident. Again, this should have been a terrible time for me, but my earlier realization moved me to live in a space of surrender, acceptance and love. I was able to speak at my daughter’s memorial service not as a grieving mother, but as someone who was overcome by compassion and longed to offer help and support to the 2000 individuals attending this service. 

     In the days, weeks, and months after Sofia’s memorial service, I lived in a state of health, resilience and compassion. I received thousands of Facebook messages asking ‘how are you doing it?’ I spent a lot of time replying to people and doing my best to offer them support, but I found it difficult to articulate what transformed for me. When I came across the three principles, I found they explained my earlier realization and gave me the words to explain the unexplainable. It is with this understanding that I move forward with great honor to help others, help others.

Lexie Bebbington.png

Lexie Bebbington

Lexie is a certified coach and a facilitator of the three principles.  She has a BSc Honours degree in Education and has over 15 year's experience working with clients, both in the UK and overseas. Her life purpose is to help people find true contentment and peace of mind.
She is also a published writer, workshop leader, lover of inspirational quotes and a hair product junkie.


Ursula Ouwerkerk

     I am from the Netherlands, a small country in Europe. I have a huge fascination for money and I love to inspire others about the surprising and unexpected possibilities of money.
     Currently, we live in challenging times. More and more people are struggling with finances. As a successful business owner, I’ve experienced how people all have different understandings and responses about money and financial concepts. Some people avoid the topic and many struggle for financial freedom. I found that money seemed to be a complicated and persistent concept, so I decided to discover the truth behind it! I discovered huge distinctions in how to achieve financial freedom and live financially free. 
     Now, I am passionate about sharing those distinctions. I founded my coaching practice to help others realize how to use time and money to their advantage. I would love to explore this together with you!


Celina Santana

Founder, Your Dreamery

     Celina founded Your Dreamery to embolden people to try new experiences and consider new perspectives because that’s what it takes to discover our innate power to create new realities.

     As a certified “Three Principles” facilitator, Celina trained with Sydney Banks, Roger Mills, and Rudy and Jules Kennard. She leads empowerment seminars in a variety of settings, including nonprofit organizations, city jails, corporations, and clubs. 

     Celina was driven to start Your Dreamery by people saying her courage to take risks inspired them. She believes that by taking simple, consistent actions driven by mindful insights, you too can bridge the gap between your dreams and reality.

Rachel Jewell.JPG

Rachel Jewell

     It is my passion to facilitate transformational change in others and I have spent my career doing just that. I have over 30 years’ experience working with individuals, teams, groups and business organisations, through various roles including Consultant, Trainer, Manager, Counsellor and Coach.

     My career has equipped me with a diverse range of experience, competencies, skills and attributes which I am continually enhancing through my own learning and practice; in order to facilitate the development, progress and achievement of others. As my career progressed, I inadvertently developed an identity that was actually limiting my experience of life. My self-imposed belief system dictated what I thought I was capable of and how I thought I should behave.

     Over the years, these limitations had a negative impact on me. In 2018 I came across an Understanding of the way life works, an Inside-Out Understanding, which shifted everything for me. Today my Inspiration comes from knowing; personally; that you and I have all the answers within us. I would love to help you uncover them.


Angela McEvitt

     Angela’s passion for guiding others arose from her personal journey. As she uncovered her intuitive gifts, she realised that underneath her thinking and beliefs, beyond adversities she experienced in life, there is an infinite peace and reslience. Angela is a career and executive coach, accredited as a life and emotional intelligence coach with Neuroscience.

     Her holistic coaching for inspired living helps us discover that when we understand how our mind, brain, and body work harmoniously to drive our behaviours, unhelpful behaviours change almost effortlessly. She encourages us to embrace all of who we are so that we experience expanded levels of consciousness, well-being, resilience, and success.

     Angela founded her own coaching practice to point us back to our well-being and uncover our innate wisdom. Her gentle guidance helps us move beyond our mind’s noise and emotional turbulence into peace, expanded awareness, and a deep level of calm, allowing the spark of creativity within us to ignite and flourish!



Opening Session

Friday, Nov 13

Your Dreamery founder, Celina Santana,  will guide you to discover a deep courage within you to support meaningful change. Two options for each time zone: Choose the one that works best  for you! Session will last about 2 hours.

Breakout Sessions

Choose the topic you want to attend. It occurs twice for most time zones, so pick the time that works best for you! Your breakout session will be about 90 minutes.

Saturday Morning

Challenge Session

Right after your breakout session, we'll come together to put insights into action. We'll try to wrap it up in an hour!

Saturday Afternoon


Dive deeper with our keynote speakers, Rudi and Jules Kennard of Innate Evolution. One time for everyone! We expect this one to last about 2 hours.

Sunday, Nov 15

EST: 11:30 am

GMT: 4:30 pm

HST: 6:30 am


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Nov 13, 2020, 1:00 PM EST
November 13-15, 2020

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